Hydrocomplex Tsankov Kamak

investor: NEC ЕАD

type: infrastructure

location: Devin

The site is situated on Vucha River and includes: Tsankov Kamak dam lake with 111 million m3 capacity; HPP Tsankov Kamak with installed capacity of 80 megawatts and electric power production of 185 mln. kwh per a year; underground pressure derivation with total length of 540 m.; encircling tunnel as well as other additional installations and sites connected with the construction of the main structure - tunnels, new roads, dislocation of roads, administrative buildings, concrete factories, regulation of Vucha River etc. It was built with the first in the country arched domed dam wall with double curve and height of 130 m. The project for the contruction of the water - power system is of national importance. It is fulfilled by FIDIC standards and is the first made between Bulgaria and Austria according to the "Joint performance" mechanism of the Kioto Protokol.